The art of living for yourself

Sometimes people need to be cut out of our lives, and it hurts, and it never gets easier. But sometimes we have to love ourselves more than the people we love. Many of my previous posts cover this theme, but for the new followers, and also because I really believe this is an important and... Continue Reading →


The uncomfortable truth about what it takes to “have it all”

Happiness is not a one time application of joy - it's a lifestyle, and it's made entirely of consistency.  There is such a big difference in living your life passively, unconscious, never loving yourself enough to look around and ask how your life makes you feel, and living actively - having an active role in... Continue Reading →

Blogger Recognition Award

I would like to begin with a huge thank you to Walk a Myelin* My Shoes for the Blogger Recognition Award! I highly recommend taking a look at her empowering blog about health, motivation, and multiple sclerosis, as her writing is an inspiration to anyone suffering from illness, Secondly, I apologize for my recent absence,... Continue Reading →

The Opposite of a Suicide Letter

"Maybe that's what this is. Like saying Hello to everyone you love." "I would live merely for the act of absorbing every second I was afforded and spend it with myself...I would watch sunsets and flowers and avant-garde foreign language films and rain." I think I feel embarrassed about it, I feel so ashamed that... Continue Reading →

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